Information on teacher shortage in gujarat state

Information on teacher shortage in gujarat state



Information on teacher shortage in gujarat state

The state of Gujarat has a shortage of 3291 teachers in Std. 1 to 5 and 5238 teachers in Std. 6 to 8. At present, when Teacher's Day was celebrated, 8529 teachers' days without Guruji were celebrated in government schools.

Teachers play an important role in our life to succeed in career and business.  A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in the society and good citizens of the country.  Because teachers know that students are the future of any country.  Let us know what is the importance of teacher in our life?

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Teachers get happiness when a student becomes a good person and becomes successful in their career and business.  By the way, not all teachers are equal in education and not all students are like disciples and teachers in the modern era.  While some teachers are great who are always in the hearts of their students.

Information on teacher shortage in gujarat state

 Students depend on teachers for advice and guidance.  Students are not only interested in academic lessons but also in following their life lessons as to how to get ahead in life.  This is the reason that it is very important for teachers to encourage students to follow good habits.

Education is essential in everyone's life because education plays different roles at different stages of life.  Therefore it is important that people know the importance of teachers and follow their lessons.

 We need teachers at every step of life.  The teacher is important not only for the students but also for the society.  The presence of teachers in any meeting and social activities promotes morality and makes time more valuable.

 Parents are also called teachers when their children become what they wanted them to be.  The teacher is only human but he is like natural plants.  One such leader is also a teacher because he teaches how to lead the company.

 Teachers help us to be a good person.  A good person can contribute to the development of society.  A developed society with good people helps others to succeed and be happy.  So we need teachers in schools who think about the future of the country.

 A teacher helps one become a great leader and a great leader makes a great nation.  The leader plays a later role in a person's personal development.  A great leader encourages thousands of people to follow the right direction.  Not all good leaders will deny that they have learned this skill from teachers.

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