Flood insurance is often an overlooked option because most people don’t live in “high-risk” regions. However, even if you live in a low to moderate risk area, your home is still much more likely to flood than to catch fire. Most homeowner insurance policies will not protect your home or it's contents from flooding. Many homes are eligible for Preferred Risk Policies for $450 per year or less.
We are a Northern California based insurance agency specializing in protecting homeowners from flooding and other risks. We can provide flood insurance nationwide and other lines of hazard insurance in California.

California isn’t a place that conjures up the images of devastating floods filling up streets and washing away homes. But did you know that much of Sacramento is considered a high-risk area for flooding? It’s been labeled by the federal government as the most at-risk large city in the USA.

Many communities in California are prone to flooding. From areas near the San Francisco Bay to the Central Valley, Coastal regions and even Inland Deserts. Everyone in the state should purchase flood insurance before the chance is washed away.

The staff at are dedicated to providing flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program for residents of

California and beyond.

We can write flood insurance in all 50 states. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but we can start planning for it today.

Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, according to FEMA. From 2010 to 2014 the average residential flood claim amounted to more than $39,000.

Did you know? -- Flood Insurance rates are set by the federal government. We will give you excellent service and never charge any broker or service fees.

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