Gujarat NAS report card available now

Gujarat NAS report card available now
The NAS provides information about the knowledge and abilities of students in government 

and government-aided elementary schools. These are based on tests of students 

of Classes III, V and VIII. The NAS are conducted under the Government’s flagship 

programme Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), which has been successful in ensuring greater 

access, equity and quality in elementary education.

Test scores in the report are presented on a scale from 0 and 500. The national average 

was set to 250 and the standard deviation was set to 50. This means about 70% of 

students could potentially score between 200 and 300, and 95% of students could score 

between 150 and 350. 

NAS is not a test for each individual student or school. NAS results are based on carefully 

selected samples of students, further weighted by population to be generalised to the 

individual state. The ‘Standard Error’ is an estimate of the likely variation that may 

occur. For example if the average language score for students in a State was 247 with 

an estimated standard error of about 2.1 scale point, then the ‘true’ value of the State’s 

average language score lies on the range of 244.9 to 249.1. 

If you want to look into these results in more depth please refer to the individual state 

report produced separately or the national report
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