If you want to avoid utility trouble, know these 13 things before buying a Sim Card..

If you want to avoid utility trouble, know these 13 things before buying a Sim Card..

There are a few things you need to pay special attention to if you are going to buy a new SIM card. Otherwise you could get in trouble. If the SIM card packet is open, don't buy it by mistake. When buying a SIM, write on the documents and papers that you are giving that this is just to buy a SIM. Don't miss the sign up. It can be used by anyone else if you do not sign the paper. If there is a sign on the paper then the photocopy will also have a sign. This will prevent anyone from misusing your paper. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a SIM.

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  1. Know these things before buying a SIM card
  2. Buy a SIM card with 13 things in mind
  3. These tips are important in everyday life
  4. These things are important for every mobile user to know

  • Never buy a SIM whose packet is already open. 
  • This SIM can be pre-activated. 
  • Only buy a fully packed SIM. 
  • Open the packet in front of you.

B sure to complete the televerification process after purchasing a new SIM. Call the customer care number of the company that has the SIM. This will lead to tele-verification.

If a vendor is saying that tele verification is not required, then understand that there is something wrong with the SIM or that the SIM is already activated.

Always buy a mobile SIM from an authorized SIM card provider. Each company has its own authorized store where their permanent employees are employed.

Sign the document you are giving to buy a SIM with a permanent marker. Also sign the photo. This makes it less likely that your document will be used elsewhere.

Even if a vendor offers you a readymade SIM (pre-activated) card, do not take it. It is a fake SIM card which is activated with fake identification. This can cause trouble.

Write on the document that you have taken a SIM. Write for clarity that if this document is used elsewhere, police action will be taken.

Write the date on the document. Do not keep a copy of the document at the photocopy store. Many times people leave the photocopy in the shop because the quality is not good.

If you are going to buy a JIO SIM, don't make the mistake of making a thumb impression from time to time. Give thumb impression only once.

If a vendor wants a thumb impression, keep an eye on what he or she is doing. The crime branch has caught such scams in which SIMs have been activated in the name of others by taking thumb impressions from one person at a time.

Do not keep your documents and photo with a stranger when buying a SIM. Photos and documents can be scanned in minutes.

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Do not let any other person activate the SIM on their own document. You can get involved in the criminal activity of the person related to it.

If you have provided documents and the SIM is not being activated, do not go elsewhere to buy a SIM. Get the information from the vendor before taking the documents. Complain to the police if necessary

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