Implementation of new education policy first in Gujarat: Rupani A task force will be formed for changes in the curriculum from KG to PG. Gandhinagar Ta. He added that the new national Narendra Modi formulated by the Prime Minister Central Government has announced Gujarat as the first state to implement the Self-Reliant India Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in the name of building a new India. Will be. Teachers' Day at Gandhinagar is a special responsibility of the teachers of the state while honoring the state for taking the lead of Gujarat's top 5 best teachers on the occasion of the first implementation of the policy. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani made the announcement in this education policy. He also lauded the readiness of the teachers, saying that the state government would soon form a task force of capable teachers based on the roadmap to create a roadmap for this. With the contribution of radical change in education, Samarth Rashtra - Samarth Rajya NEP will be brought in Gujarati. Our name is to make present in Gujarat. Has been translated, and a GG to PG i.e. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Taskforce has been formed. Kindergarten to Postgraduate Chudasama has been the best teacher award which will soon prepare the roadmap for this by applauding the teachers who are getting the education system running. This is what will be radically changed, he congratulated.

20,000 jobs in 5 months: Rupani VNEMPLOYED With the opening of 8000 vacancy opportunities, a ray of hope has awakened in many immediate youth of Gujarat.  It may be mentioned that on the issue of recruitment process, Chief Minister Rupani had sought a list of results of the examination in the case of recruitment.  The Ruparti government had conducted an exercise to expedite the biggest decision of the state government’s government recruitment process.  (GNS).  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will get a job opportunity for more than 30,000 GPSC students in the state.  A list was recently obtained.  According to the report on youth employment in Gujarat, Rupani Yuva has also made a big announcement in the central government yesterday.  Has made an important decision.  The recruitment process is currently on hold. GSSSB Chairman CM Rupani said that the recruitment process is in a state of government jobs in the state.  In this, the Chief Minister has completed his appointment letters with Asit Vora in the state.  New government jobs were also held for the youth, including all the places that have gone.  The government has ordered the issuance of appointment letters for more than 5,000 posts on an immediate basis.  Ordered to give in next 6 months.  It has been decided to recruit 30,000 in the near future.  The process will start as per the information received on recruitment and appointment in the state.  Neither the government nor Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will create new employment opportunities in the departments GPSC - Secondary Service Selection.  The Congress has reacted after the various Rupani governments of the state decided to move ahead in the last 3 years in the Mandal-Panchayat service selection departments ahead of the stalled recruitment process in the state.  Congress Mandal - Police - General Administration Lakhs have been recruited.  Now the spokesperson Manish Doshi said that it is necessary that the advertisement of recruitment done by the government is not just an advertisement of the suspended government jobs of the education department.  From the year 2001, the government will recruit in the high level meeting on an immediate basis.  There have been many recruitment announcements.  This time, it is necessary to implement the important orders regarding the process in the next 6 months.  Advertising becomes just advertising !: Congress

Number 20909 in group A, 32732 Gujkat result in group B declared 410 in group A of students who got more than 0% percentile and 655 students in group B 99 percentile 4172 in which group how many percent students who got percentile rank in group A total of 3 students in group A197  40990 99 Above 410 655 98 Above 823 1302 B 29671 35217 64888 96 Above 1657 2604 AB 194 92 286 92 Above 3316 5247 Cl 62936 43228 106164 90 Above 6522 »Now soon A 20909 in Group A and 32732 students in Group B.  The group has 6229 9812 engineering admissions above 410 and B85.  Based on this result the next group consisting of 655 students will be declared 8268 13029 program above Bo is the day admission to Degree Engineering - Pharmacy.  Action will be taken for 10348 16405 over 75 with 50661 students present in the group.  Were living.  Against which 76582 students in Degree Engineering-Pharmacy were present in Group B from 70 to 12438 in the state.  Navgujarat Time> Ahmedabad 65 above 14486 23117 As there are more students in group B in allotment of admission on the basis of Gujkat, 20909 32732 Gujarat will be secondary and higher than 50th.  As a result, the number of students who got 99th percentile of A group is more than 40 and the number of 24742 39114 students by the Board of Secondary Education is the last 24th students and the number of students of group B is also higher.  50 or more 30 over 29035 46436 Gujkat taken on August also gives Gujkat.  Among the students who got 24th percentile, 52771 results above A20 were declared today. There are 20909 in Zoo taken in August and 32732 in B group.  There are 1,27230 students in 99 Gujkat out of 400 students of A group.  Thus, more than 50 per cent of the 41189 65121 percentiles have come above 00.  When Group B registration was done.  Out of which 1,6164 percentile students will get degree 46228 and female students will get 32936.  The main reason for medical living in group B is that 655 students got 99 percentile, students appeared in the exams and good college admission in engineering is included.  There is no one in the medical and para-medical that took the net for admission to the course including in the coming days.  There were more than 50 percentile in this exam.  Degree engineering on the basis of Gujkat is now seen to be eligible for what was announced this morning.  However, if a large number of places do not get admission, the number of students who get admission marks in pharmacy has been 99 percentile in the result.  Among the total students who have passed and the procedure for admission in pharmacy, there is an opportunity for the students to appear in the Gujkat examination.  19579/33306

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